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Technical Specifications:
Drive type: 4x2
Engine type: YTO LR4M3Z-23, 4 cylinder, direct injection, in-line diesel engine
Capacity of fuel tank: 150L
Rated speed: 2300r/min
Engine power: 81kW
Lowest fuel consumption: ≤242g/kW•h
Clutch type: Dry, dual-stage type
PTO Speed: 540/1000rpm or 760/1000rpm (optional)
Gearshift: 8F+4R/8F+8R (optional)/16F+8R (optional)
Category of three-point linkage: Category II
Lifting capacity at point of 610mm: > 15KN
Steering system: hydraulic
Hydraulic valve: 2-way (optional)
Weight: 3200 kg (w/o cabin)/3450 kg (w/ cabin)
Dimension (L x W x H): 3750x2250x2700mm (w/ cabin)/3750x2250x2100mm (w/o cabin)
Wheel base: 2195mm
Front wheel tread: 1485mm
Rear wheel tread: 1620-2020mm (usual 1620)
Min. ground clearance: 476mm
Front tyre : 6.5-20/7.5-16
Rear tyre: 16.9-34

Optional Parts
Front ballast
Swing draw bar
Canopy & roll bar
Rear ballast
Roll bar
Air brake
Fan cabin
8F+8R shuttle gear
Hydraulic outlet valve
16F+8R creeper gear
1. Technical specifications are for standard model (w/o cabin) only.
2. Other optional parts & accessories and colors are available upon request.
3. All specifications and design characteristics are subject to change w/o prior notice.
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